Core Principles

Arkade’s objective is to create meaningful, valuable relationships between humans and brands through our pursuit of measured innovation, new technologies and practical solutions. We do this to deliver the ultimate in customer experience today.

We understand how technology is integral to people’s lives, and so we create customer experience platforms that will improve process and create insights for businesses, while providing convenience, customisation and personalisation for the end customer. Everything we do is customer-centric; we focus on the entire customer journey with your brand, not just the digital touchpoints. 

This approach runs through every aspect of our solution design, and forms the basis of our customer-first mindset. We will take your current tech stack, customer service eco-system, business challenges, goals and needs, and work with you to map, design, build, implement and support a bespoke customer experience solution. 

We do this by putting the customer's needs and wants at the heart of everything we do.

That’s why we're much more than a digital agency: we're a customer experience agency.


  • A user's time is their most valuable asset.
  • We put the user's convenience above the organisation's wherever possible.
  • People choose the brands that respect their time and understand the way they like to interact and accommodate this without compromise.


  • We want to inspire profitable behaviour through relevant communications and experiences.
  • Customers need to know that a brand understands them and that they are in tune with their lifestyle.
  • Customers need to be both communicated with and responded to in the way that is most relevant to their profile and behavioural attributes.

Solutions Delivered

We leverage technology, people and physical brand locations to ensure customers have valuable, personal and long term relationships with brands. By doing this, we ensure that expensive traditional advertising is no longer the primary method for driving trade and growth.

With in-depth experience in the retail space, our expertise extends from defining brands' customer/loyalty strategies through to high-end technical proficiency in creating and maintaining ecommerce sites, mobile apps, loyalty platforms and bespoke software.

Arkade has worked with some of the most renowned brands in Australia and New Zealand, including Decjuba, Mimco, Tony Bianco, Review, Debenhams, Snooze, Postie+, Celebrity Slim, and the list goes on. Having created successful customer experience solutions and rewards programs for all of these brands and many more, we can rightly claim our authority as CX and loyalty experts.

Simply put, our experience has given us insights into tactics that change customer behaviour and create long term, mutually beneficial relationships.


Acquiring new customers and accompanying customer data across channels.


Increasing the frequency of customer transactions and interactions with your brand.


Rewarding customers for interacting and/or spending with your business in order to trigger positive brand experiences and moments of surprise and delight that encourage ongoing spend with your brand.


Increasing the percentage of interacting customers who complete high-value actions.


Building loyalty and brand advocacy with existing customers to improve customer lifetime value and drive further acquisition.

Our Story

In 2013, two agencies with different knowledge and the same passion formed Arkade. Decades of experience combined with our clients in our mutual pursuit of using technology to create the best customer experiences. Ever since, Arkade has worked with some of Australia’s top retailers to help them recognise and unlock the value of their known customer gathered through the power of ecommerce, loyalty, apps, service and communications platforms.

Understanding how to increase the value of every transaction and interaction to understand lifetime value. Our clients can now divert inefficient ad spend on acquisition, to invest back into retaining known customers for a higher return and improved growth through genuine advocacy.

Some of the leading brands we work with

We Are Agile

Arkade follows an agile methodology when developing products. Work done in an agile way is flexible and interactive, and focuses on iterative work cycles called 'sprints' that deliver incremental feature releases to market.

Arkade's ever growing development team is based entirely in Melbourne and prides itself on a diverse range of knowledge across various web technologies and frameworks. We have extensive experience in developing complex logic for Big Data systems, integrations with enterprise-level business intelligence systems and robust eCommerce platforms.

In keeping with the Agile approach we value individuals and interactions over processes and tools; client collaboration over contract negotiation; working software over complicated documentation and responding to change over following a rigid scope document.

Why Agile?

People who have decided to base their careers in technology all have one thing in common: they understand that you need to constantly learn and adapt if you want to succeed and to get the most out of the amazing opportunities that tech provides brands and consumers. 

We don’t just ‘do projects’; we create customer experience solutions. We build products with rapid iterations that allow for ongoing testing, review and improvement. 

Our approach is a little different to regular digital agencies as we don't do 'projects' as such but rather develop 'products' in partnership with brands that we go on to support and improve once in market. 

The agile approach embraces the key difference between a 'project' and a 'product' – a product is always being improved and developed, and is never really 'finished'. Instead, it's in play within the market with a set of features that it can do today, and a roadmap of features that we'd like it to be able to do in the future. Over time, we work with you to identify priorities for new feature development and create a development plan for their release. 

Luckily, progressive tech companies have solved this by adopting various flavours of an Agile methodology. Every approach is a variation on a theme designed to suit the needs of the organisation, the clients that it serves, and ultimately and most importantly, the end customer who demands something new to inspire them to engage with the brand.

Our Agile Teams

Our agile teams are a hand-picked group of digital designers and developers that have a focused set of skills across user experience, design, platform, web and mobile app development, eCommerce, analytics and digital communications. Each is chosen to match the expertise required to bring your product to life, and will work across your release from start to finish, and assist you in supporting it once live in market along with the wider team. 

They work with their dedicated Iteration Manager and Product Manager, who are your in-team representatives, to ensure they successfully release the product and its assigned features to market at the end of each sprint plan.

They are driven by collaboration, quality, innovation and the success of the products they create for both our clients and their customers.

The teams work with each other to share techniques, knowledge and insights to ensure that our clients benefit from the collective knowledge that a larger studio has to offer, while still maintaining the care and attention that you'd expect from a smaller boutique agency.

Product Goals, Initiatives & Features


    High level, measurable outcomes that determine overall strategic success.


    Definitions of high level effort across digital products designed to achieve one or more goals.


    Individually defined functionality in the form of features are linked to initiatives and goals and delivered in the form of frequent product releases.


    Once a product is live it is supported by our team to make sure it continues to perform as expected.

  • Platforms & frameworks we know and love

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