The Brief

Celebrity Slim is an internationally recognised lifestyle and fitness supplementation brand with a strong following of dedicated customers. Unfortunately with so much focus in recent years on building deep customer relationships and creating amazing products, the brand's eCommerce platform was left looking somewhat outdated and lacklustre.

Arkade was brought in to take the best things about the old website that Celebrity Slimmers loved and to build on these elements to create a fully redesigned and customer experience focused eCommerce offering.

The Solution

Using these core modular elements the team at Arkade started with a clean slate and then developed user journeys and accompanying required assets based on clear customer goals and a wealth of analytics.

The result was a customer-centric design process that ensured that no matter what the customer was interacting with, there was always a next step and something further to engage with if desired.

This helped to create a stronger bond between the brand's forum, content and product offering.

After launch, the new platform received some amazing outcomes with substantial increases in almost every single positive metric. Furthermore, the ongoing agile iterative process has meant that new products and features are being added every fortnight. All we can say is, watch this space.

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