The Problem

Much-loved New Zealand retailer Postie+ had an ambitious plan to relaunch the brand in early 2016.

To do this they needed to release a new incarnation of a loyalty program that was abandoned a few years earlier. 

A fresh approach to loyalty in the value retail market was needed.

The Challenge

Postie+ decided to work with an agency located 'across the pond', but it also decided to relaunch the brand, re-price all its products and introduce a whole new loyalty program at the same time. 

Not only did the new loyalty program need to be something new to the NZ market, but another important factor was coordination with brand and media agencies, POS/ERP vendors and their local eCommerce agency.

Postie Laptop Mockup White

Our Solution

Arkade's loyalty program design for Postie+ was a first for the value retail market.

It was deeply integrated into their existing operations and the benefit model has delivered high engagement and an increase in customer value and frequency. 

The move to a fully integrated loyalty program has reinforced Postie+'s position as a customer-centric brand.

Postie Multi Screens


Record signup rates in the first weeks of the program
Results Customers
Support and engagement from retail staff
Results Increase
Increase in engagement with promotional and triggered emails
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