Our Story

In 2013, two agencies with different knowledge and the same passion formed Arkade. Decades of experience combined with our clients in our mutual pursuit of using technology to create the best customer experiences. Ever since, Arkade has worked with some of Australia’s top retailers to help them recognise and unlock the value of their known customer gathered through the power of ecommerce, loyalty, apps, service and communications platforms. Understanding how to increase the value of every transaction and interaction to understand lifetime value. 

Our Deal

Arkade is a customer experience (CX) agency specialising in discretionary retail.

We are an insights and research led firm that works with brands who have a genuine appreciation of both their products and the people who use them.

Our focus is entirely on your customers; what a good customer does, and what your brand does to attract and retain them. Together we work to understand and define your most valuable customers, set goals and concentrate your investment on smart ways to build both their number and value through mutually beneficial initiatives.

Our Vision

To create mutually beneficial relationships between customers and brands.

Core Principles

Research, Design, Deliver, Learn, Repeat

We understand how technology is integral to people’s lives, and so we create customer experience platforms that will improve process and create insights for businesses, while providing convenience, customisation and personalisation for the end customer. Everything we do is customer-centric; we focus on the entire customer journey with your brand, not just the digital touchpoints.

Our Clients

Just some of the great brands we work with:

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