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Don't call it a loyalty program

We all know the industry jargon. We use the terms all the time. So why shouldn’t we call a loyalty program a loyalty program?

Well, it depends on whether you’re truly customer centric, or you’re just collecting names for a database because collecting things is cool… Remember Pogs?!


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6 Components of Australian Retail CX

What exactly is retail CX and what’s the current state of play in Australia?

There’s plenty of theories and and definitions out there so we’ve broken it down into six key components for typical ‘clicks and bricks’ retailer.

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Why are there no CXOs at Australian retailers?

Customers are at the heart of every business – or at least they should be – so why are there no CXOs at Australian Retailers?

Telcos and finance verticals not only already have CXOs, but value them highly. It’s time we investigate why retailers in Australia are yet to recognise the importance of this role in an industry that stands to gain so much from it.

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Customer Centricity is the new black

Customer Centricity is the new black for retailers. Everyone is talking about it, everyone says they’re doing it, but few – if any – really are. Many retailers define customer centricity as putting the customer first. Others will say it’s all about the high level of service provided, while many hail back to that old adage about the customer always being right. Nope. Your most valuable customers are always right. The rest are just customers with an opinion.

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Your Customers Are Valuable. So How Are You Valuable to Your Customers?

We all know that we highly value customers and we all know why that is, but why would they value your brand? What is it that makes them come back and spend their hard earned money on products and services with your business time and time again?

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When it comes to retail, 2019 is fittingly the Year of the Pig. Here's why...

In 2018, one trend emerged that stands above all others. It’s one that stands aside from the same old trends of the past few years being that ecommerce is growing and experiences are increasingly important. It’s faced setbacks through highly publicised cases of misuse and privacy breaches. It’s seen the incapable and lazy ignore its existence and opt for the safety of the known to their own detriment.

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The downfall of Napoleon Perdis: What happens when your experience doesn’t match your brand

What happens when there is not only a disconnect between your customer experience and brand promise, but also the brand and the customers themselves?

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iMedia Online Retail Summit: Australia
April 29 – May 1, 2019 

Danny Phillips, Co-Founder and Director of Arkade will be hanging at iMedia in April! If you’re attending and know that your business needs assistance with implementing a strong customer experience strategy, or want to throw some ideas around about what’s next, make sure you line up a one on one conversation with Danny! Otherwise, keep an eye out for him and feel free to wonder up for a chat any time.