Why Zendesk?

Everything is easy

You can get started quickly and adapt the platform as you grow.

Flex to fit 

We can easily build on customisations, and embed Zendesk in native web and mobile environments.

Data at the core

Learn from your customers, see how you’re doing, even predict and automate with machine learning features.

Strategic partnership

Get help every step of the way and learn how to optimise your customer experience.

Business Impact

Demonstrate the value of an excellent customer experience

Reduce your resources

Implementing Zendesk can reduce your ongoing administration costs in half simply by using sophisticated rather than complicated tech.

Fast return

2.8 months is average time it takes to payback on your Zendesk investment, allowing you to reinvest resources back into innovating and improving your customer experiences, not just manage them.

Customer First

Zendesk is built with the customer at the forefront of everything it does to help your business understand your customers, improve communication and offer support when and where it's needed most.

Zendesk Partners

Arkade chose to partner with Zendesk not only because we love their products – and indeed use themselves to manage our own client support – but also because of our shared belief in building valuable, long lasting relationships through the right tools.

Zendesk helps our clients to be more reliable, flexible, and scalable by improving communication and making sense of massive amounts of data. It’s easy to use and accessible to everyone which makes it beautiful in its simplicity as a solution. The Zendesk range of products continues to expand to now include it’s flagship product of support, as well as live chat, cell centre software, self serve customer portals, message software, proactive engagement and customer intelligence and analytics.

Each can be implemented individually or alongside each other to improve customer relationships, and can be embedded and extended as required through an open development platform.

Tell me more

Zendesk products work seamlessly together or individually to offer our clients a flexibility with a modern tech stack that is easy to use and simple to implement. The Zendesk family of products consists of:

Support – A beautifully simple system for tracking, prioritising, and solving customer support tickets. Offering multi-channel customer service for humans, the Support platform builds trust with your customers by offering responsive, personalised support via the channels they prefer.

With effective tools for collaboration, information gathering and automation, customer facing staff are armed for successful and productive communication via a system that can be fully tailored for your organisation. Support can be extended with Marketplace apps that can be embedded natively into any app or website, or customised.

Guide – A self-service destination that works effortlessly with Zendesk Support as a branded help centre, community and service portal to reduce average ticket handling time by at least 50%. It provides in-context, relevant content that can be embedded in mobile apps, websites and more as an internal resource for agents to share, access and collaborate on knowledge for increasingly fast service times.  As a content management platform, Guide provides version history, access controls and performance metrics in one centralised hub.

Chat – Strike up a conversation using Zewndesk’s live Chat platform. It provides a fast and responsive way to connect with your customers at the moment they require support to find what they’re looking for, ask a question or solve a problem. Proactive engagement assists with sales as well as improving customer satisfaction as questions and issues are solved in real time.

Talk – Call centre software facilitates more personal and productive phone support with your customers. Let your customer service concentrate on their conversation and not the workflow, with automated ticket creation, customer history and call recording. Streamline your queues with flexible IVRs and group routing and use cross channel analytics to gain visibility into your phone support operations. Even better, this system is plug and play with no need for additional technicians, equipment or training required.

Message – Stay in touch with customer messaging software that helps companies engage customers on their favourite messaging apps. Take your customer service to popular social media channels like Facebook and Twitter and start making your communication more personal and intuitive. Purpose built for real time messaging, Zendesk’s Message is completely scalable for your business as you grow.

Explore –  Dig in to your analytics using the Explore platform to measure and truly understand the experience of your customers. Compare your own performance to best practice analytics by drilling down into pre-built dashboards highlighting areas your customer service teams need to keep an eye on. Explore also allows you to integrate data from all your systems for more meaningful analyses from your Zendesk, website, CRM, customer experience platform or product database. Together, Explore allows you to make data driven decisions and a visual snapshot of areas for improvement or process refinement.

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