Arkade’s objective is to create meaningful, valuable relationships between humans and brands through our pursuit of measured innovation, new technologies and practical solutions. We do this to deliver the ultimate in customer experience today. 

Our clients benefit from our years of experience across the entire customer experience and our ability to create connections across multiple touchpoints, platforms and systems. 

From strategy and design to development and support, we help our clients create valuable experiences for their customers and their businesses across eCommerce, loyalty, apps, CX strategy and customer communications.

eCommerce & mCommerce

eCommerce and mCommerce are on the rise globally and outpacing retail's overall growth percentage year on year. More and more, customers are choosing to shop online and as trust and mobile usage continue to grow, so too does the mobile customer, transacting online and on the go. 

Online stores are no longer a nice to have, they are imperative to a retailer's success and a linchpin in every business' customer experience strategy. And with 72% of Australians now engaging in mobile commerce and a growth rate of 46% year on year* for purchasing on a mobile device, an equally well implemented mCommerce experience is also a must for any retail business. 

We choose to partner with Shopify as part of their Experts program, to provide our clients with best practice eCommerce sites. Shopify offers a fully hosted, lightweight and completely customisable website platform for businesses looking to scale quickly and offer a frictionless experience for their customers. Find out more about our partnership with Shopify or get in contact with us to discuss your eCommerce options. 

We've also worked with a number of other platforms such as Magento to build for or migrate customers, as well as entire ecosystems of integrations into eCommerce and mCommerce platforms, across loyalty, communications, distribution and POS to create fully connected, simplified CX systems. 

*PayPal’s mCommerce Index 2017


Loyalty comes from a great customer experience, not a card with points on it. It should be a series of interactions that are frictionless and valuable for both your business and the customer to create ongoing advocacy. 

Businesses without a loyalty strategy are missing out on a huge opportunity, with 72% of people agreeing that, all things equal, they would buy from a business with a 'loyalty program' over one without, and almost 70% purchasing more frequently and spending more with brands with a loyalty program*. 

Your loyalty offering shouldn’t feel like an optional add on to the brand service — instead it should be an integral part of the brand itself. It should be a well crafted and customised series of convenience, experiential and financial benefits that your customers identify as valuable and places your brand above your competitors.  

We partner with Omneo, a Customer Data Platform, to design programs that are unique to each brand, but that engage customers effectively through personalised experiences as they move between the 6 key lifecycle stages of any customer group; onboarding, active, premium, purchasing, lapsing and inactive. 

Just don't call it a loyalty program. Find out why here...

*The Neilsen Global Loyalty-Sentiment Survey, 2016


Research conducted by PayPal shows that nearly three quarters (72%) of Australian consumers now engage in mobile commerce and more than half (56%) would pay in-app if it provided an 'easier and better' experience than the company's website, yet 40% of businesses don't yet have a mobile optimised eCommerce site or native app* leaving a huge gap (and opportunity for more sales) in their overall customer experience. 

Apps should be designed ultimately to provide convenience for the customer and almost indistinguishable shopping and brand interactions. It's a portable and always accessible shopfront in their pocket allowing the customer to update their profile information and communication status, view their loyalty status, browse curated product selections, add products to their wishlist, book services, and ultimately make a frictionless purchase. 

*The Power Retail 2018 eCommerce Leader's Playbook, 


Communication with customers has come a long way since the days of newsletter subscriptions and bulk send emails. We can now communicate with customers with relevance and personalisation to provide maximum value via email, SMS, and push notifications. 

Developing and executing a plan to target customers at an individual level takes time, but the value it can provide to all parties is immeasurable. Trigger emails timed to interactions and status with targeted information and calls to action, SMS notifications of relevance and  targeted push notifications to segments with geo-targeting and in-store beacons are all powerful tools that when executed well can lead to highly engaged, loyal customers, but when done badly, can damage your brand.

We assist our clients to map customer journeys and interaction tracking to define a clear and consistent path toward positive relationships, engaged customers and increased spend with their brand. We look beyond tactics to the build the underlying CX strategy and work with our clients to refine and optimise each interaction over time to create mutually valuable relationships. 

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