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Arkade is a customer experience agency specialising in discretionary retail.

Our services all begin with understanding your customers and your business.

In the fast changing and competitive landscape of retail, your most powerful (and valuable) asset is your known customer. Leveraging the insights they provide is your key competitive advantage over your competitors. Using these insights we draw on our collective knowledge and creativity to design and continually review a customer initiative roadmap that delivers highly relevant and beneficial experiences to your shoppers and employees.

Our team of strategists, solutions designers and developers work with our clients to uncover and define customer experience goals, opportunities and initiatives unique to every brand with true customer centricity.


If you don’t set a goal, with clear measures of success, you’ll never know if or when you’ve achieved it.

If you don’t understand your customer, setting a goal can not only be challenging, but in most cases, pointless.
We believe in businesses becoming customer centric; that is, understanding who your most valuable customers are and maximising them for increased revenue through retention, and finding more of them through your acquisition.

Knowing who to value, what they value and their value to your business is the first step in defining your goals. We help you define and understand your organisation’s customers through primary organisational and CX Goal Setting. Every engagement with Arkade begins with an element of goal setting, alignment, analysis and customer discovery depending on the sophistication and focus of your organisation.


The process of discovery involves a combination of deep dives into your existing customers, users and platforms to uncover what you have now, how to maximise the value of each, and identify gaps that exist between where your organisation is now, and where it wants to be.

Using the insights uncovered during the Direction phase, and the knowledge from discovering more about your customer and platform ecosystem, we begin to define your next valuable steps. This includes examining the business case and value proposition, designing solutions, and building out a roadmap of customer initiatives in order of value.


Moving toward a customer centric business model can mean needing to make a big organisational transition. We take the pain out of the process by offering a range of consulting services to help your business make the leap. This can cover working through the cultural shift toward a CX/EX approach with digital transformation workshops or implementing customer and staff incentives, right through to education and team design advisory services.

We’ll help you develop the organisation and culture your business needs to be truly customer centric.

Design & Deliver

Our CX consultancy services can be engaged individually to assist your business in becoming customer centric. However,  when you’re ready, we also have a team of talented solutions designers and developers to assist you with bringing your initiatives to life.

Our UX/UI designers and highly skilled developers are available to work with your team to provide design, implementation and support services for your initiatives. We work across all customer experience touch points to design, configure, build, integrate and support nimble, sophisticated and smart CX solutions. Our team can assist with your initiative implementations across:

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