Communications are key! Engaging with customers has come a long way since the days of newsletter subscriptions and bulk send emails. We can now communicate with customers with relevance and personalisation via email, SMS, and push notifications.

Developing and executing a plan to target customers at an individual level takes time, but the value it provides to all parties is immeasurable. Trigger emails are timed to interactions and status with targeted information and calls to action. SMS notifications send relevant offers. And targeted push notifications can be sent to segments with geo-targeting and in-store beacons all offering powerful tools. When executed well, they lead to highly engaged, loyal customers. When done badly however, they can damage your brand fundamentally.

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Customer journeys

We assist brands in mapping customer journeys and interactions that define a clear and consistent path toward positive relationships, engaged customers and increased spend with their stores. We look beyond tactics to the build the underlying CX strategy and work with our clients to refine and optimise each interaction over time to create mutually valuable relationships.

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