Customer Service

A Customer Centric business extends beyond good customer service, but it’s an important component. It not only serves your customers well by helping them solve problems, but serves your business well by helping you learn more about your customers; their needs, wants and challenges you need to overcome to become truly customer centric.

It’s important to offer great customer service through every channel you interact with your customers. Provide options for them to get the help they need. Solve problems quickly for your customers, capture them in a way that will provide you data and insight, and offer solutions and assistance across a variety channels. Ensure your tone of voice is consistent. Measure how satisfied they were with the outcome. With so much to consider it’s nice to know there’s someone to not only go through the options, but to nail them for your business and your customers.

Customer Service Platforms

We work with a variety of customer service platforms to suit the need of our clients and their customers, including Zendesk, Gorgias and Freshdesk. As part of our Discovery services, we help businesses discover the best solution for their business by looking at both the customers and user needs of the platform, as well as the tools currently in use by the organisation. Making the most of your customer service platform is what we do best. You’ll be amazed at the efficiencies, insights and happy customers having the right platform in place can bring your organisation.

We choose to partner with Zendesk as their suite of customer service products offers so many nimble, interchangeable, configurable and powerful lightweight solutions for retailers. In addition to its flagship support platform, the full suite now includes live chat, cell centre software, self serve customer portals, message software, proactive engagement and customer intelligence analytics to help retailers not only connect with their customers, but understand them.