eCommerce is on the rise globally and outpacing retail’s overall growth percentage year on year. Customers are increasingly choosing to shop online and as trust and mobile usage continue to grow, so too does the mobile customer, transacting online and on the go.

Online stores are no longer a nice to have. They are imperative to a retailer’s success and a linchpin in every business’ customer experience strategy. And with 72% of Australians now engaging in mobile commerce and a growth rate of 46% year on year* for purchasing on a mobile device, an equally well implemented¬†mobile experience is also a must for any retail business.

*PayPal’s mCommerce Index 2017

eCommerce Platforms

We’re one of just a handful of Shopify Plus Partners in the APAC region, providing our clients with high performing, integrated and innovative eCommerce sites. Shopify offers a fully hosted, lightweight and completely customisable website platform for businesses looking to scale quickly and offer a frictionless experience for their customers.

We’ve also worked with a number of other platforms such as Magento, as well as entire ecosystems of integrations into eCommerce platforms, across loyalty, communications, distribution and POS to create fully connected, simplified CX systems.

eCommerce for Academy Brand built on Shopify Plus

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