Shopify Plus eCommerce

The Problem

The team at Snooze understands that web technology is constantly evolving and as such, required a flexible and evolving platform for the future.

The platform they were working on also allowed for minimal development and management in house, which limited their ability to test in market, move quickly to meet the demands of their market and efficiently implement new features to benefit their customers.

The Challenge

To replatform the Snooze eCommerce site without disruption to the business or their customers as quickly as possible.

This meant maintaining all current store procedures and downstream processes involved in their website ordering system including existing tech and other platforms such as the POS and PIMS systems.

Snooze also required a new Bed Builder platform that allows customers to design their own customised bed including the size, headboard, base, material and colour. This along with the rest of the site required a mobile first version, as well as the flexibility and simplicity to allow the in house team to make their own site changes quickly and easily.

The Solution

Shopify Plus has allowed the team at Snooze to simultaneously take their site management in house while greatly improving their eCommerce experience with major improvements made to the speed and user experience of their website.

As Snooze aims to create a world class, omni-channel retail experience to better serve customers across all phases of research, in-store investigation and buying, the newly launched Shopify Plus site features key new functionalities including a new payment platform featuring robust security and fraud checking, a new mobile friendly customised bed builder function, merchandised algorithmic search and the ability to offer free delivery, discounts and gift vouchers.

This upgrade was completed in just 9 weeks thanks to the simplicity and efficiency of the Shopify Plus system.