The Problem

THR1VE, an Australian restaurant chain specialising in fast nutritious meals, wanted to extend their offering to include home delivered meals and meal plans for their customers. It needed to compete within an established market of providers on convenience, aesthetic and functionality.

The Challenge

An existing Wordpress website, required an eCommerce platform that would integrate seamlessly and allow for individual meal and meal plan purchasing. The solution needed to incorporate a postcode checker for delivery availability and order cut off times, as well as provide orders to the kitchen making the food, and order and delivery details to the distribution provider in a timely manner.

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Our Solution

A Shopify site was built using customised plug-ins to solve for both the postcode checker and delivery cut off and availability challenges, while exports were used to inform the kitchen and distribution companies of the orders placed each week.
The meals site has been integrated with the main THR1VE Wordpress site to blend the two offerings of restaurant and take home meals. An iterative improvement plan over time has delivered ongoing updates and site improvements delivering more and more value and convenience to their customers.

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