About Us

We are a leading loyalty agency with expertise in the retail space.

Arkade has marketing communications expertise that covers strategy, acquisition, frequency, conversion, advocacy, and rewards as well as high-end technical proficiency with ecommerce sites, mobile apps and bespoke software.


We work closely with brands to improve all of their consumer touchpoints through the creative application of technology.


Our ‘customer first’ mindset has allowed Arkade to evolve into a leading loyalty communication agency working with some of the best known and trusted brands in Australia.


A culture of analysis and ongoing evaluation allows us to deliver proven results and uncover opportunities within your customer experience.

Our Approach


Acquiring new customers for our clients and new data via digital channels.


Increase the frequency of valued customer transactions and interactions.


A customer's time is their most valuable asset.

They choose the brands that not only resonate with them emotionally and rationally, but the brands who respect their time and do everything to understand the way they like to shop and accommodate this without compromise.

We need to put the customer’s convenience above the business wherever possible.


Increase the % of interacting customers who complete a valued action.


Any time a customer receives something extra than expected from the brand that goes beyond what is expected.


Build loyalty and brand advocacy within existing customers to improve customer lifetime value and drive further acquisition.


Inspire profitable behaviour through relevant communication and experiences.

This relies on the wealth of customer and behavioural data we have at our disposal being made available to sophisticated communication and CRM platforms, that are in turn driven by a strong editorial and marketing strategy.



  • Loyalty

  • Comms & Content

  • eCommerce

  • Apps

  • Custom Platforms

  • Integration

Platforms we know and love:

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Subscribe to our email newsletter for the latest digital communication news & updates.